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"FORCE A BETTER" tee exhibition 企劃

開心參與日本 t-shirt 品牌 "FORCE A BETTER" 第一次巡迴展,展覽主題是 "the art is mightier than sword",

圍繞此主題,我以名畫 "The Kiss" 作靈感,以集合藝術愛好者投入藝術的熱情一吻去融化暴力戰爭,

有興趣的朋友,可到 購買我設計的 tee & print.

展覽從 4 月中開始會在日本國內作巡迴展,並且會到其他國家巡迴展出及售買。

巡迴展: 1) 東京 : MONKEY CAFE & GALLERY / 開催日時 : 4月24日(水) ~ 5月6日(日) 10:00〜19:00 2) 静岡 :YES GOOD MARKET 5月11日、12日 3) 京都 :藤井大丸 6月1日~20日 4) 福岡 :TAGSTÅ 7月予定 5) Bangkok :DISCOVERY by SIAM PIWAT 5月予定 6) Los Angeles :8月予定

Concept of this art work:

My work was inspired by a famous painting that I love called "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

My first first impression of this painting was that it showed love and passion, very strong emotion.

I know there are different perspectives and maybe a political agenda behind this painting but the first thought that came to my mind when I saw this in person was: LOVE can be so pretty!

Based on the theme of this event "the ART is mightier than the sword", I want to convey those emotions in my artwork to melt the sword down.

Unlimited imagination and expression in art is much more interesting and influential than using force or violence.

You may wonder why I use pencil in my artwork, that's because mostly a brilliant idea is starting from a pencil sketching.

we may come from different countries, at different ages, speak and draw differently, we can make art together!

Exhibition was starting in Japan from mid of April, if you interest in my design and want to purchase a tee or print, pls go to the link below for details, thank you! for your support!

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